Wednesday, 4 February 2009

13 Things About Kim Rossi Stuart (and why not?)

Okay, this one is special for my Romance Diva friends.

Anyone who knows me on that site knows that I am currently working on a story called "Alternate Rialto", which is set in Venice. The story itself is a "prequel" to a story I wrote last year, called "Connections."

In this story, we see how Emily Miller met Jacopo Spadon, and how she made some big leaps forward in her life as a result.

Something else that the Divas know about me is that I'm presently nursing a massive crush on Italian actor Kim Rossi Stuart, who happens to be the "model" I have in mind for Jacopo. (Ah, the movies in our minds, eh?)

This week I thought I'd take a break from flooding the (admittedly appreciative) Divas with my pics of Kim, and just post a bunch here. Maybe it'll get it out of my system?

Yeah, right...

I've gone a bit heavy on the pics from his appearance in the series "Le Rouge et Le Noir", for the sake of inspiring the Divas who write tales about that era. ( But I *do* have others, as well, ladies!)

So, here we have
13 Pics of Kim Rossi Stuart (plus trivia).
Enjoy! :)

Kim was born in Rome on October 31, 1969.

His father, Giacomo, was also an actor. As is his sister, Valentina. His mother, however, was a model.
(no kidding, right?)

He has two other sisters, Ombretta and Loretta.

When he was 28 years old, Kim played Julien Sorel in the international film production of Le Rouge et Le Noir (The Red and the Black), based on the novel of the same name. It remains one of his most beloved roles, amongst his fans.

He speaks Italian, French and English.

He also had a small role in The Name of the Rose, based on the Umberto Eco novel of the same name.

He left home at the age of fourteen, and left school to pursue acting.

He starred in and directed the film Anche Libero Va Bene (released in the US as Along the Ridge).

He also performs on the stage, in plays such as King Lear.

He was named after the Rudyard Kipling novel, Kim.

His favorite writers include Dostoyevsky and Chekov.

He is a good swimmer.

And, finally...
Kim won the Pasinetti Award for Best Actor at the Venice Film Festival for his role in Le Chiavi di Casa (The Keys to the House). Watch it and tell me if he didn't deserve it. ;)

There y'all go! 13 Facts and Photos of the Delicious and Delightful Kim Rossi Stuart!
I hope you enjoyed it all...

And yet, I still feel obliged...

As though I owe you one last pic...

As if Kim isn't eye candy enough, right?

Sadly, I don't have any "eye candy" shots of Kim lying about, at the moment. So we'll have to change direction, a bit.

Here ya go (but he's so young in these, I almost feel dirty):

(Almost, I said. Almost!)



Stephanie Adkins said...

Oh my word ... he's hawwwwwt! *drooling* Great pics!! Happy Thursday! *HUGS*

Adelle said...

What gorgeous eyes. Fun list.
Happy T13!

Alice Audrey said...

I can see why you might develop a crush for someone like that.

Inez Kelley said...

He is too yummy.

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Intersting facts and really yummy pics!


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There is something in that smile, isn't there? Happy T13!

Shelley Munro said...

I was really sad when I came to the end of your post today. I have to go and read (well maybe drool is the proper word) several times. I can see why you're smitten. :)

Janice said...

No wonder you have a crush, he is dreamy.

Happy TT.


Mel said...

Yeah... Definitely cute. great pics.

Alice Audrey said...

I have something for you on my blog today.