Thursday, 26 February 2009

13 Random Objects Currently Sitting on my Desk!

Welcome to this week's Thursday Thirteen!
This week, I'm showcasing
13 Random Objects Currently Sitting on my Desk!

(Can you feel the excitement?)

1) I couldn't even *do* the Thursday Thirteen without this one:

My computer.


My phone. This is my phone's exact model, above. I've had it since 2003, and it just keeps on going. Nokia ROCKS my SOCKS, y'all!


My kitty box. I use this to keep small objects out of my kitty's paws, actually. This picture is very close to mine, except mine sits on one book, not two. Creepy fact: in searching for pics of mine on the 'net, I found the very one I have. The problem? The people selling it say it's a "casket" or an "urn". Eeew. :(


Cds and multicolored slimline cases. I make mix discs for my students, sometimes. So far, they've enjoyed 'em - so they say...


A dictionary of Italian proverbs - written in Italian and in various dialects, too. Neato! And verra, verra handy when trying to come up with a pithy saying for my characters. Heh.


My printer. Actually, mine has kitty paw prints across the top because I can't always catch her in the act. Naughty Kitty!!!


My Kate Bush Complete Songbook. No particular reason for this, actually.


My English grammar book with explanations in Italian. I don't profess to know all the rules, anyway. ;)


My iPod. 32 Gigs of delight, my friends. I play music all the time, and this sucker has all the songs I can put on it with room to spare!


Chopsticks. I got these years ago at the Japanese restaurant in Modena, and they're still in their plastic container. They're all kinds of awesome. Mine are blue, not black, though.


My little plug-in warmer. Known to my Facebook friends as my plug-in walnut. This keeps my back from getting too cold and thus permitting me to pull a muscle doing something strenuous like, oh, say, typing?


Post-its! Of course!

13) And, naturally, no writer worth her salt is without her copy of

- am I right?

And so we conclude 13 Random Objects found on my Desk.

Random enough for ya?

And now, what you're all waiting for.

I never forget.

So, when will you trust me?

I mean, seriously?

Here ya go:

Sylvain Nicolas, rugby player



Stephanie Adkins said...

Oh my .... *fanning*. Great end to a great list! :) I really need to get one of those 2009 Writers Market books. Happy Thursday!

Adelle Laudan said...

Nice eye candy! lol
Love the little cat box.
Happy T13!

Jennifer McKenzie said...

You mean you have USEFUL things on your desk? *shakes head* I aspire to be you, Ms. Menozzi.
Awesome eye candy.

Paige Tyler said...

That little kitty box is so cute! Love the eye candy, too!


My TT is at

Shelley Munro said...

Your desk sounds very orderly. My husband is always grumbling about our desk and blaming me for the mess. Ah, rugby. At long last we have rugby again in NZ...

Ms Menozzi said...

Organized? Me???? LOL!
I have useful things on my desk, yes - occasionally I can even find them.

Not often, but occasionally...


Janice said...

I have the same copy of Writer's Market.

The cat box was cute, but surely it isn't an urn?

Happy TT.

Alice Audrey said...

Hey, typing is very strenuous. I can easily see the need for a walnut.

Heather said...

Love the cat box - very cute!

Anonymous said...

Nokia made the best phones when I sold them. And I still use one to ths day. :)