Thursday, 3 December 2009

Thirteen Things I Have To Do

I'm pressed for time and a topic this week, as I'm preparing to go home for a little over a month to help out my mother. My stepfather, Martin, passed away two weeks ago, and we've all been thrown for a loop, to say the least.

As a result, this is sort of a repeat from a few weeks ago, but to be fair, it *is* all I've got going on this week, so I give you:

Thirteen of the Things I Have to Do this week:

1) Organize my paperwork to turn in at work on Friday.

2) Gather all my cables, etc, for my electronics which will accompany me to the US.

3) Make copies of my "send file" of my novel, so I can send it to my publisher (Whoa, it feels weird to write that. Good, but weird...) when I'm in the US.

4) Make a hard copy of the WIP, presently at 66 pages, so I can do big edits now, rather than later.

5) Scan some pictures of Martin which weren't digitally produced.

6) Wash clothes and hang them to dry. (I don't have a dryer in Italy, y'see.)

7) Start packing two different suitcases. One for the Florida portion of the trip (where the third and final memorial for Martin is being held, and where I'm going immediately after arriving in Tennessee), and one for the rest of the stay in Tennessee and Kentucky.

8) Buy a few magazines to read on the plane/in the car.

9) Charge batteries for camera.

10) File for domain name registration and see if they'll let me use my Italian phone number or not.

11) Straighten up office before I leave.

12) Have dinner with my in-laws Sunday afternoon/evening since I won't be here for Christmas.

13) Hang pictures that I printed and framed two weeks ago.

Yeah, I've got a lot to do. I'm exhausted already, and I've still got to get on the plane and make the long haul home, Tuesday morning.

Still, I'm slowly getting back into something like my old routine, which is good. Thanks to everyone who has written with their kind wishes and good thoughts. It's really helped a lot.

I'm sure you'll understand that I'll skip the risque eye candy this week, in favor of something a little more tasteful?

This is one of the photos which provides inspiration for my current WIP, 27 Stages. See if you can figure out what I enjoy so much about it. ;)

(Like I said, "a little more tasteful.")

Seriously, I just want to lick his legs.
This is no surprise to those who know me.

Ciao for now...