Thursday, 15 April 2010

13 Things I'd Rather Be Doing

We've all seen the bumper stickers - well, those of us who live in the US, anyway - which say "I'd rather be _____." and then fill in the blank with some apparently preferable task. The possibilities range from "Dancing" to "Riding my horse" to "Flying" (presumably in an airplane) to many, many other things.

Well, this week, I've been sidelined by a bad cold. I lost my voice on Sunday night, then started coughing like crazy on Monday night. After that, I had to cry "Uncle" (why "Uncle", by the way? Why not "Auntie!") and give into the creeping crud. Which meant I had to miss work this week, stay in bed and try to feel better as soon as possible.

Easier said than done, that.

As a result, this week, I've been able to compile a quick Thursday Thirteen of the

13 Things I'd Rather Be Doing
(instead of being sick)

This photo is from the first Diiarts launch, last November.

1) I'd really rather have been in London for the latest Diiarts Book Launch Party, last night, or for the other festivities this week. I hate that I had to miss out on what is surely a good time.

Congratulations again to Heikki and Greta!

2) I'd rather be singing along to the music I play while I write. I can't stand not being able to at least mumble along - but every time I open my mouth, I start coughing.

No. Fun.

3) I really would rather be enjoying my chocolate Easter egg - which I haven't even considered since I've been ill. I can't taste that delicious, delicious chocolate, so what's the point?

4) I'd rather be reading. But whenever I really get into the story, another coughing jag starts up, and I have to put the book down until it's over. And at the moment I'm reading The Angel's Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafon - and it's sooooo good! Waah!

5) I'd rather have the energy to entertain my kitty when she's awake, in hopes of wearing her out enough to let us sleep through the night. (Fat chance, I know.)

6) I'd rather be able to breathe without feeling like there's a knife being jammed in the depths of my throat. Yeah. That'd be kinda neat!

7) I'd rather be on top of a snow-covered mountain, enjoying the peace and serenity of the view from there.

8) I'd rather be in my lessons! I know, it's hard to believe I'd rather work than be at home sick, but it's true. And if you knew my students, you'd understand why I feel this way. They're great folks.

9) I'd rather be watching rugby.

10) No, I'd rather be watching cycling. (And while I'm not a fan of Theo Bos, I'd like to thank him for doing that photo.)

11) I'd rather be writing. I haven't written much since I fell ill, and I was making pretty good headway at the time! Arrrgh!

12) I'd really rather be able to visit with my mother. Even when I'm sick, that makes me feel better. Mom-magic. You know how it is.

13) Finally, I'd rather just be cuddling with my hubby. But he's been sick too, and I don't want him to get sick again! ...sigh...

And in spite of Theo, I thought I'd add a little more somethin'-somethin' for y'all.

I mean, I may be sick, but I'm not completely out of it, or anything.

And I know this is what brings you here, each week...

If I only had a bathtub...I could go for a nice, long...soak.

There ya go.


Thursday, 1 April 2010

13 Pieces of Eyecandy (yet again)

Yeah, I know. I ran out of time again this week. I really need to do more planning, but the writing and the day job are taking over my free time, bit by bit.

Add in that little loss of an hour for European Summer Time (a.k.a. Daylight Savings Time, which other parts of the world already did, two weeks ago), and I'm more than a little discombobulated.

So, without further ado, allow me to present to you these

Thirteen Pieces of Eyecandy
(with a subtle theme - can you guess what it is?)














Did you guess the theme?
That's right! I'm soooo sleepy! I didn't get all the sleep I needed from last week. ;)

And now, after all that eye candy, you still want more?

Honestly, y'all are just insatiable!

Here's the thing, though. After all that sleepytime eyecandy, I needed something to wake me up, just a little.

So this week's eyecandy is a little somethin'-somethin' just for me.

I hope you don't mind...

Ahhh... Fabian...

Ciao for now!