Thursday, 30 October 2008

13 Random Photos I've Taken Around Italy

Welcome to this week's Thursday Thirteen here on Profoundly Shallow!
This week, I'm featuring
13 Random Photos I've Taken Around Italy.

Pic #1
Window display in Florence 3
This was a display in a shop window in Firenze, back in 2006. Compelling, no?

Pic #2
Goods on display (*ahem*) - detail

This is a newsstand in Firenze, also in 2006. But trust me, they're still selling the same stuff.

Pic #3
Florence public restroom

This odd pic was taken in the restroom of the train station in Firenze.
This was not a camera trick, though - the light really was (is?) that color!

Pic #4
Oh! Sorry! (We don't care...)

On to Pisa... Where apparently no-one can read, whether in Italian or English...

Pic #5
Working Hard
Back in Reggio Emilia, we find some fellows working hard in the building across from/behind mine.
*This* is how you get rid of old marble tiling when refinishing an apartment, here.

Pic #6
Cyclist in Mantova
Mantova, Italy, 2006

Pic #7
Archway in Mantova
Archway in Mantova, Italy, 2006

Pic #8
Helipad in fog
Reggio Emilia Hospital Helipad in Fog, 2007

Pic #9
Anfiteatro at dusk
The Anfiteatro of Lucca, Italy, 2004.
I took this one on my honeymoon in March of 2004.

Pic #10
Napping in Milano
I took this in Milan Malpensa Airport in 2006, while my folks were checking in for their departing flight.
This woman's condition shows my state of mind at that point, too.

Pic #11
Arches of Duomo of Siena
Arches of the Duomo of Siena, Italy, 2006.

Pic #12
Italian countryside
We found this scene just outside Albinea, Italy in 2007.

Pic #13
morning in Baveno, Italy
View out our window in Baveno, Italy, 2006.
This is the view from the hotel where we've stayed in Baveno, Italy a couple of times.
I want to go back!


So, what's left, then?

Oh, right! Scroll down, y'all...

Keep going...

Gilles Marini - actor (Sex and the City, evidently)

Thursday, 23 October 2008

13 Reasons I Might Be Excited About November 22nd

Well, I'm trying to catch up and make some Thursday Thirteens worthy of a readership. But this one might just fall into the category of "Yippee for me!" as I'm happy to report that I am going to see the Italy/Pacific Islands Rugby Test Match here in Reggio Emilia on November 22nd! Woo-hoo!!!
And so, here are
13 Reasons I Might Be Excited About November 22nd!

And no, they aren't necessarily 13 different reasons...

Yeah, there's more than 13 of 'em on the team, but I don't care.

Awww... Hugs!

Sadly, Mr. Yachvili won't be playing against the Italians at the match I'm seeing, but that's okay.

I just love shots like this... Can you guess why?

Whoops! How did this pic get in here?

Isn't he adorable? Meet Matteo Pratichetti, ladies.

Here, meet *all* of Andrea Marcato, ladies... and for Heaven's sake, click on the pic!

Alessandro Moscardi

Andrea Marcato, again. Such a!

Andrea Masi

I plan on wearing one of these:

And I'm gonna have my fingers crossed for this:

Could you blame me? And hey, don't let me down, Sergio Parisse! That's right, I'm talkin' to YOU!

scroll down, ladies...

Because after all...

Sergio won't let me down!

Thursday, 9 October 2008


I'm sorry. I don't have a Thursday Thirteen ready this week.

So, we'll skip to the eye candy. I'm afraid it might be a repeat, but I'm not sure...

Is that all right with you? I sure hope so.


Amos Roberts, Australian Rugby Player