Thursday, 23 October 2008

13 Reasons I Might Be Excited About November 22nd

Well, I'm trying to catch up and make some Thursday Thirteens worthy of a readership. But this one might just fall into the category of "Yippee for me!" as I'm happy to report that I am going to see the Italy/Pacific Islands Rugby Test Match here in Reggio Emilia on November 22nd! Woo-hoo!!!
And so, here are
13 Reasons I Might Be Excited About November 22nd!

And no, they aren't necessarily 13 different reasons...

Yeah, there's more than 13 of 'em on the team, but I don't care.

Awww... Hugs!

Sadly, Mr. Yachvili won't be playing against the Italians at the match I'm seeing, but that's okay.

I just love shots like this... Can you guess why?

Whoops! How did this pic get in here?

Isn't he adorable? Meet Matteo Pratichetti, ladies.

Here, meet *all* of Andrea Marcato, ladies... and for Heaven's sake, click on the pic!

Alessandro Moscardi

Andrea Marcato, again. Such a!

Andrea Masi

I plan on wearing one of these:

And I'm gonna have my fingers crossed for this:

Could you blame me? And hey, don't let me down, Sergio Parisse! That's right, I'm talkin' to YOU!

scroll down, ladies...

Because after all...

Sergio won't let me down!


Adelle said...

LOL I take it you like Rugby? lol Nice eye candy. Happy T13!

Stephanie said...

Oh my ... *drool* ... I'll have some of that please! LOL!

Nicholas said...

So you reckon Italy will win?

Alice Audrey said...

LOL. Great to see you back in the TT swing of things. Great eye candy. Thanks!

Ms Menozzi said...

Adelle - I discovered rugby just a couple of years ago, and I'm sure glad I did!

Stephanie - You and me both, sister! LOL!

Nicholas - I gotta be honest, I'm not really sure. I'm just going to relax and enjoy the match - and root for PI (the team I root for always loses!).

Alice - I'm glad to be back, and I rather enjoyed it myself, eh?

*crosses fingers and hopes for a Parisse depantsing*

Debbie Mumford said...

You always have such uhm...entertaining (yeah, that's the word) T13s! *LOL*

Keep 'em coming!

Paige Tyler said...

I don't know how that pic got in there, but I like it! LOL!


My TT is at

Tempest Knight said...

Oh wow... *checks out the guy's hot butt* ...yeah, rugby is totally brutal.

Heather said...

Guess we don't need to tell YOU to enjoy yourself, huh? Try not to drool too much in public! ;-)

~Just Me~ said...

Whoa, fans my face, very nice!!

Shelley Munro said...

I have to say that the Italian rugby team are very nice to look at. Have fun at rugby. Our season is almost finished here now, although the All Blacks are going on tour to the UK

Diana M said...

WOW!! I so want to see a rugby game. **DROOLING**. LOL