Thursday, 7 February 2008

Caramelle Per Gli Occhi!

Well, excuse me while I act all hormone-addled-teenagery, and post these pics of:

A Few Good Reasons To Visit Italy

Raul Bova: Popular actor and pin-up boy. You first noticed him in those GAP ads.

Then along came Under the Tuscan Sun (and you had a reason to be jealous of Diane Lane beyond her haircolor or her figure).

You sat through that ridiculous Alien Vs. Predator film for him (and pretended to be sacrificing in order to please your significant other), too. But did you know he's one of a handful (ahem) of men in Italy who puts out his own calendar? With lots of shots like the last few, here?

Aren't you glad you know, now?

Kim Rossi Stuart: Actor, director, producer. Yum. (And an inspiration for a character in one of my short stories, too.)

Samuele Bersani: Singer, songwriter, and possessor of a delightfully geeky smile. (And the inspiration for a character in my novella.)

I mean, look at that pic. A man. A bunny. He's all cuddly! The man, that is. Though the bunny is cuddly too, of course. And he's offering the soft underside of his neck. Nibblicious! (Again, I mean the man, not the bunny. I don't nibble bunnies. I feel sad when I see them in the grocery store, even. Bunnies, not men. Oh, forget it...)

Okay, I'm done, now. Of course, if/when I discover even more goodies, I'll be sure to keep you posted. Ciao for now!


Cinthia Hamer said...

*wiping drool*

Okay, now that I have my breath back...

God Bless the Italians. They do have an awesome gene pool don't they?

Cinthia...who's happy to report her hubby is part Sicilian.

Toni Sue said...

Wow, after scanning the page 60 times, I just realized a bunny was in the last pic ;) GREAT PICS! YUM!!!

Ally Kendall said...

I love Raul Bova! He's the casting model in my current WIP and I have a pic of him stuck to the wall next to my computer. I might have to download those GAP commercials. You know, for inspiration! :)

R.G. ALEXANDER said...

You've convinced me-I need to get to Italy

Bonnie Dee said...

Thanks for the visual treat! Made my snowy, bleak, cold, icy, winter's day a little sunnier.