Sunday, 10 February 2008

Hotties In Heaven


Well, what can I talk about today...?

Alle and I have an ongoing joke... Almost two years ago, somehow or other we got onto the subject of the "72 Virgins in Heaven" concept that is supposedly offered as incentive to those who martyr themselves in the name of certain religions. We were pondering whether 72 virgins would really be such a great thing. Wouldn't 72 sluts be more compelling, somehow? (I reckon this says more about our culture than theirs, actually.) And what do the women who do the martyring thing get out of it? Do they get 72 virgins, as well? Male or female? And wouldn't that be a bit of mixed blessing, at best, either way?

Anyway, I decided that if I had the choice, I reckoned I'd rather have 72 Hotties. I started making my list, and Alle expressed frustration. Did he get virgins or what? I said he could have whomever he wanted. He still couldn't choose.

Meanwhile, my list kept growing. I chose the following gents to accompany me in my Heaven (though not all for salacious purposes):

Alle (of course)
Samuele Bersani
Jarvis Cocker
Young David Gilmour
Raoul Bova (for that all-important beefcake factor)
Ewan MacGregor get the idea...

The beauty of this concept is that the list can grow and change endlessly - we're talking about Heaven, after all! Who knows what wonders will be revealed! So, every so often, I see someone, and either Alle or I will add him to my list. The thing is, I don't only select sexy guys - some of the choices are a bit puzzling, at first glance, it seems - because I want fun guys with me. I want guys who'll make me laugh and feel good, not just by "sexing me up", if you gather my meaning...

Not that it would be so bad, really.

Anyway, here's a photo listing of my chosen Hotties, in no particular order (except for number one!) and a brief blurb as to why, for each.


Ms Menozzi's Hotties in Heaven!

1) My hubby, Alessandro. For obvious reasons. What a hottie, eh? Evidently, the feeling is mutual, between us. Go Figure!

2) Samuele Bersani. Yeah, I might have mentioned him once before... Fantastic voice, a great sense of humor, and oh yeah - he's a hottie!

3) Jarvis Cocker - singer, songwriter, Brit-pop fashion plate and once the sexiest man in Britain (or so it was said by some...). Why this guy? Because Cool never goes out of Style, babe...and that makes a Hottie Hot!

4) Gale Harold - best known for his work on Showtime's Queer As Folk, he's done some work in other TV series, films and on Broadway. I saw him most recently, however, in a Hardee's commercial (the guy who is getting his car sanded and repainted after a jealous girlfriend has been rather unkind to it), of all things. Google him. You'll be glad you did.

5) Corrado Guzzanti - Italian comic, impersonator, writer, and all around Hottie! If you can make me laugh, you're golden!

6) Antonio Banderas - Film actor, Voice-over actor, and just resigned to being a Hottie! (At least, he should be...) He's so perfect at times that an ex of mine once said "That guy's so perfect, he's gotta be fake! Even his name is too fake - Antonio Banderas! Give me a break!" To which I could only say... Gimme more!

7) Yup... George Clooney. I've loved him for lo, these many years (from The Facts of Life, to Roseanne, to ER and to his current superstar status), and I'm pleased to remind anyone who'll listen that George is a Kentucky boy! Woo-hoo! Oh, hey, speaking of Kentucky boys... We also have:

8) Johnny Depp - of Owensboro! Woot! (Please note for the record that this is likely the first time I've ever typed "Woot!") I don't have to say anything to justify this choice of Hottie, I'm sure. But there's another Kentucky boy worth noting (and a student of mine had to really bring him to my attention):

9) Nicholas "Nicky" Hayden, also of Owensboro - A World Champion of MotoGP, and generally speaking, something of a Hottie.

10) James Spader. Admit, you love him whether he's playing a jerk or a good guy. He was the living epitome of preppy jerkiness in his early career, but hey... sleaze never seemed so sexy, until he came along...

11)Gael Garcia Bernal - He caught my eye when he worked with Almodovar. When did he catch yours?

12) Kim Rossi-Stuart - Yeah, I've mentioned him before, too. So shoot me! He's a fascinating actor, and delightful to gaze upon... Yummm... Hottie...

13) Ewan MacGregor - Yummilicious Scot alert! He can do it all from musicals to the lightest comedy to the darkest drama (Young Adam, anyone?). A wonder to behold (and to be held, I'm sure...) Hottie!

14) Eddie Izzard - Stand-up comic, writer, actor. Oh, yeah; transvestite. Who cares, though - he's smokin' hot and funny as hell! And he really knows how to work those boots, eh?

15) Raoul Bova - another previously-mentioned hottie. But who could resist another peek?

And now... For some Classic Hotties:

16) Marcello Mastroianni. Go on, tell me I'm wrong. You know you can't...

17) David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) - singer, songwriter, and just damn hot! Even today, this guy has the sexiness of men half his age. I wasn't GilmourWhore #1 for nothing, y'all...

18) Harrison Ford - We've all loved him for years, right? And he's my birthday buddy! Wa-hoo!

19) Dustin Hoffman - I've loved him since I was but a wee littlun'... Still do. Hottie!

20) David Bowie. Do I need to say more? Hottie!

Though I could go on - and I will, at a later date - you've got a pretty good idea how my mind works on this topic.

But who would go on YOUR list? Who are your Hotties in Heaven, and do we have to share?

Ciao for now!


Toni Sue said...

Oh, I do have to second number six! I do love me some Antonio! YUMMMMMMMMY! Hubby knows I'm like Pavlov's Dog when his pic show us. The drooling then commences ;)

Ms Menozzi said...

My hubby's understanding that way, too. Aren't we lucky?

Kathleen Oxley said...

OMG - what a great list!! I've actually never heard of Corrado Guzzanti - but I think he looks kinda like James Spader (who I also adore!!). And, I second Eddie Izzard too - as a man, or a woman, he's a hottie (and freaking hysterical)!!


mere said...

I am totally new to your blog but I don't feel bad when I say you might have to fight me for Gale Howard. That man. . he makes me tingle!