Thursday, 15 October 2009

13 Websites I Frequent

Now that I'm working more steadily, I'm afraid doing a T13 this week almost fell to the wayside. Since I'm pressed for time, I thought I'd make short work of stuff and present you with:

13 Websites I Frequent (Almost) Every Day

1) Yahooooo-oo!
I reckon you know what this is. Visiting the American site instead of the Italian one is the only reason I know what's going on the US, much of the time. How sad of me, eh?

2) Face Time!
Lawd help me - I got sucked in! At least I'm "friends" with lots of nice people! :)

3) GoogleMail!
My other email portal. I like the fact I can personalize it, too.

So far, it's pretty boring, right? Wait, it gets better!

4) Divas!
This lovely bunch of writers welcomes anyone and everyone who wishes to write, and they're willing to offer advice, help and even - when necessary - a shoulder to cry on. What a great group! I've grown as a writer since joining them. I couldn't do what I've done without 'em!

5) Manifesto Abusivo!
The site promoting Samuele Bersani's latest album. It's a beautiful layout, in my opinion, easy to navigate and virtually stress-free to visit. (And the "galleries" are full of wonderful goodies, too.)

6) Weather Page!
I'm a weather nerd. I walk to work, so I always need to know what the weather might have in store for me. I check this site all the time.

7) YouTube!
I go there for clips of just about everything. Including this:

8) Free Rice!
No, rice hasn't been unjustly imprisoned. Here, the idea is simple: play games, donate rice. Does it work? I don't know, but if it does, I could probably cure world hunger just playing this thing. Addictive.

9) Online Translation Site
When I'm in a bind and can't reach the hubby, or I just need a filler for a phrase in my WIP until I find a native speaker, I use this site. The translations seem better than what I've gotten on Babelfish, so far. Of course, the vetting process goes on afterward, so it's rare that what I've found here stays permanently in anything I've written. But it does happen. :)

10) Venetian Real Estate
When I was writing the "Alternate Rialto" section of "Ask Me if I'm Happy", I visited this page frequently. The palazzo on this link, with some fudging, became Jacopo's home on the Grand Canal. These sites fascinate me at any time, but when I'm writing, they're a godsend!

11) Men? EWWWwwww!
If you want to write a jerk, this site is proof that you really just can't write weirder stuff than real life throws at us. I swear, I've been in relationships with some of these guys... Ugh.

12) Naked Men, Happy Women
On the other side of the spectrum, for those who aren't hung up on nudity of the male variety, there's this site. Seriously, this woman and I almost share a brain - men are beautiful! Look at them! Then again, if you're uncomfortable with viewing men in the, *ahem*, altogther? Don't go here. Please.

13) Inspiration of a sort...
If I could afford it, I'd buy a big ol' print of this one. I visit all sorts of royalty-free stock photo sites, but this pic is one which featured in a big way when I was writing "Ask Me if I'm Happy." One day, I'll purchase a copy and hang it on my wall.

And now, you know the drill.

Keep going...

I think he's lovely.

And I have no idea who he is.

Thanks to "Naked Men, Happy Women" for this week's eye candy.

And of course, thank you, Dylan Ricci, for catching this image.

God bless ya!



Stephanie Adkins said...

Oh yes, I have to have my Diva fix everyday. :) Lots of great sites there! Happy Thursday! *Hugs*

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. You pick such beautiful eye-candy to end your posts. yummmy. Great links. I'll have to explore some of these a bit more.

Happy T13!

Ella Drake said...

The pictures on the site at #12 are lovely. From a purely artistic point of view.

Adelle Laudan said...

Are we addicted when we can't start our day until we've 'visited' our list of sites? lol
Great list. Happy T13!

Jennifer Leeland said...

You have some AWESOME sites. I always like to see where other people go.
Niiiice eye candy.

Angeleque Ford said...

Some of those are on my list to especially Gmail, Divas and Facebook.

Loved the eye candy.

Sherrie said...

Great TT. Thanks for all the info and links. Have a great day!


Mary Quast said...

I spent way too much time exploring #12. As for the eye candy... he can hide behind my houseplants any day. Wow!

Happy TT.

Paige Tyler said...

Yay Divas! And I have to check out the Naked Men website! Love the eye candy! Yummy!


My TT is at

Heather said...

Free Rice is definitely addictive, and I often turn The Weather Channel on just for background noise that isn't distracting. Happy Thursday!

Alice Audrey said...

Yay Divas!!!

It makes perfect sense to me that you would need Yahoo to keep up with USA. It's how I did it when I was in Mexico for a few days.

A cool thing about the beginning of the bicycle video is the way the cyclists all going by together sound like a river.

Inez Kelley said...

Bookmarking that happy women site. It made me happy

Shelley Munro said...

I enjoyed following some of your links and saw your eye-candy one. I admired it the first time, and it was just as good the second time. :)

Elise Logan said...

your eyecandy is always so delicious.

Haven't seen some of these links - will have fun checking them out. Already bookmarked one. I'll leave you to guess which. ;)

Janice said...

I'm a member of face book and Romance Divas of course you know about the last one.

Happy TT.