Thursday, 27 March 2008

Thirteen Live Performances

Thirteen Bands/Artists I Have Seen in Concert

Yeah, I got behind again this week - so I'm going with an "Old Faithful" of sorts. Still, I'm sure a lot of you have seen some of the same artists, so who's complaining, eh?

Here we no particular order...

1. My first concert ever:

Ah... the '80s. When I saw Duran Duran, I was thirteen, hadn't eaten or slept for days, and I was madly in love with Simon le Bon. Yeah, I know...

2. The next concert I attended was with my pregnant sister-in-law.

Julian Lennon. He was promoting his second album - The Secret Value of Daydreaming. Remember? No? Maybe it was just me, then... (Judging from the sales, this is probably pretty accurate.)

3. Then I went through another sixties-love-fest phase, and rediscovered my love for:

The Monkees. Circa 1986-87 and their album "That Was Then, This Is Now". Not a bad track, and they did a fun show (with several other '60s artists, such as The Turtles, Gary Puckett and the Union Gap and Herman's Hermits). I saw them five times, but unfortunately for me, my fave Monkee, Mike, didn't tour with them at that time. :(

4. Some years later, I attended a concert by these blokes, with my husband-to-be in tow.

The Moody Blues. They were touring "The Keys To the Kingdom". Remember? No? ...huh...

5. This guy was a biggie, of course. I saw him in 1990, I believe.

Paul McCartney, of course. He was touring "Flowers in the Dirt". Still a rather good album, I think.

6. When this artist came to town, I had to see him:

Eric Clapton. Awesome. Certainly one of the best shows I ever saw.

7. I saw this performer with a friend of mine, during "Out Week" in Tampa.

Melissa Etheridge. She wasn't out yet, at the time. Neither was my friend. So, I don't think it was a date, exactly. Was it?

8. Another time, with the same friend, I saw this singer:

Belinda Carlisle. I met her in 1986 and got her autograph, and an autograph for another friend of mine (he wasn't out yet, either). Then I saw her when she toured for the above album in 1989. I'm sorry to say, I was rather disappointed.

9. And then...

Pink Floyd. What more need I say? That is, other than the fact that I was obsessed with this band for nearly 15 years? That I was so mad about singer/guitarist David Gilmour that I actually travelled from Florida to London to see his shows in 2002? Which leads us to:


David Gilmour - London, 2002. ...sigh... Three shows in one week. And since I'd gone to all that trouble, I was rewarded by being able to see another obsession perform:


See that wee little figure in the background? Do you recognize her? Probably not, but there's a handful of us who went mad when she turned up at David's show on January 18th, 2002. Yup, that's

Kate Bush!

12. However, before I saw Gilmour, I saw his one-time counterpart perform (three times, as well: Milwaukee, Houston and Dallas).

Roger Waters. And I'm happy to say, he's much friendlier onstage than I'd ever expected. LOL!

13. Now, the most recent live show I attended was by an Italian artist. Those who know me well already know who I'm talking about. My current obsession and writing inspiration:

Samuele Bersani. ...sigh... I love his music, I adore his humor and his voice just absolutely melts me. The best part? My hubby is totally cool with all of that. Isn't my hubby great?

And that's the Thirteen for this week! I hope you've enjoyed...

Erm, what? Oh, oh, yeah! Right. Scroll down, ladies...

Frank Lampard - British Footballer

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Gina Ardito said...

Yanno, I look forward to your T13 every week because your "scroll down" gets my blood going better than coffee! You saw some great performers, lucky gal! But oh, dear, the Moody Blues look soooo old. LOL!

Adelle said...

Very kewl list. Thanks for the eye candy. Happy T13!

Jennifer McKenzie said...

OH! I'm so jealous that you saw Pink Floyd in concert.
My brother in Law did as well. He came back and said "David Gilmore is GOD."
He was young, bless him. LOL.
You saw some great people.

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous list!!! I would like to have seen every single one of these concerts. Great experiences you've had!

Kat's Krackerbox said...

Neat list! I listened to several of those groups/people but never went to any of their concerts! Happy TT

Kathleen Oxley said...

Yay! Another concert goer!!! Great list - our musical tastes are fairly similar, I think. I'd love to see Paul McCartney! And Pink Floyd is near the top of my Best Concerts Ever list!!

Happy TT!

Kaige said...

Cool set of concerts. I love the Monkees! I'm so jealous.

Happy TT!

Jennifer Shirk said...

Cool! Love Kate Bush!

I have to laugh, though. My first concert was Olivia Newton John--The Physical Tour. LOL!

Alice Audrey said...

I love Moody Blues.

I almost went to sleep in the Paul McCartney concert I went to. The fireworks at the end woke me up.

My Pink Floyd tickets were lousy. I couldn't see any of the stuff they had on the screens in back because a huge pile of speakers was in the way.

Tara S Nichols said...

Duran Duran, sigh...

Pink Floyd really, I heard them from my roof top. Does that count?

Shelley Munro said...

There was a documentary on the Monkees here the other day. I'm right with Gina - the breathless wait while I scroll down...

Heather said...

You've been to some good shows! There are a few performers I've not heard of, but some I love as well.

Chloe Devlin said...

Great topic and great concerts. I may steal the topic for a future TT. But I would've loved to have seen some of the ones you have.


Paige Tyler said...

That's quite a list! And I love the pic!


My TT is at

Debbie Mumford said...

*lol* I really look forward to your bonus picture each week! Thanks!

Gwen Mitchell said...

Actually, 'Keys to the Kingdom' was the very first concert I ever went to. I was nine, and I walked up to the stage to give Justin roses. *sigh* It was a great show!

You have seen Clapton live... *muchness of envy*

Oh, and I like many of your others too!