Thursday, 25 March 2010

13 Main Characters I Have Written

I'm a little pressed for time this week, so I thought I'd just do a quick Thirteen for y'all... So, please, allow me to present:

Thirteen Main Characters I Have Written

1) Emily Miller (Ask Me if I'm Happy) - An American woman who traveled to Italy when she was in her mid-twenties, Emily married a handsome and rather mysterious Venetian on impulse and then stayed in the country for ten years. When things fell apart, she only wanted to go home - until a transportation strike left her in the care of a Bolognese professor with whom she has a lot in common. Is it possible to fall in love in a matter of hours? And does she really want to, for a second time?

2) Davide Magnani (Ask Me if I'm Happy) - Born in Riccione, Italy, Davide grew up to become a professor at the University of Bologna. His previous romantic misfortunes did little to prepare him for his sudden fall for Emily, and now he must find his way through an emotional minefield of desire and self-doubt. Worst of all, he might well find that the truth doesn't just hurt - sometimes, it's devastating.

3) Abigail McGann-White (27 Stages [WIP]) - Abigail is a woman just discovering her "true calling" and her true self. Abigail finds herself tempted to stray from her stagnating marriage when her attraction to a younger man is reciprocated by the object her affections - a cyclist riding in the race she is covering for a small sports magazine. Her desires for him run deeper than she ever could have imagined, but can she really leave a comfortable existence behind for what might only be a brief affair?

4) Federico Renard (27 Stages [WIP]) - Federico is a professional road cyclist, struggling to maintain his place within the team hierarchy. He is also trying to understand why his fiancee has cut off all communication. Stunned by his attraction to a married woman he's only just met, his career hangs in the balance as he defies the team's rules in order to be with her. Should he sacrifice his chosen career to prove his love for a woman who belongs to another man? Will she even stay if he does?

5) Chiara Belletti (Grand Emilia [WIP]) - A single mother of two daughters, Chiara is a cashier at a supermarket in Modena, Italy who is drawn to two very different men she has met in her checkout lane: Marco, a socially awkward aspiring dog breeder, and Angelo, a well-to-do man about town who finds her irresistible. When her attempts to draw Angelo into her family circle seem successful, Chiara dares to dream that she's found the perfect man to be a father to her children, and a lover for herself. But she discovers some unsavory truths about her "perfect" man, and must decide what she's willing to accept to make herself and her family happy.

6) Angelo (Grand Emilia [WIP]) - Handsome and well-off, Angelo courts the beautiful cashier, Chiara, exploiting their sexual chemistry to the hilt. He doesn't run when she suggests they could make a happy family, but does he have some unpleasant secrets hidden away? Will Chiara be able to forgive, or will she choose to forget him instead?

7) Marco (Grand Emilia [WIP]) - Socially inept but filled with good intentions, Marco seems to be interested in Chiara, but is unable to declare his intentions. When Angelo swoops in and sweeps her off her feet, will Marco be left on the sidelines, or will his knowledge of Angelo's past force him to reveal the truth and risk losing Chiara anyway?

8) Burke Wilson (A Marginal Life [WIP]) - Abandoned, orphaned, unwanted. Burke Wilson's life is full of rejections, coming one after another. When he meets Raechel, he is convinced he's met his soulmate, his one true source of unconditional love. Frustratingly, however, friendship comes first - always. When tragedy befalls Burke one more time, he must leave his best friend behind; yet life seems to have other plans in mind for him. But will the end result of years of adoration mean he has to let her go, to see her happy too?

9) Raechel Gary (A Marginal Life [WIP] - Raechel adores her best friend Burke, but can't make him understand that her love for him isn't the kind he seeks. As they evolve into "friends with benefits" the subtleties of their relationship are clear to her, but don't seem to resonate as clearly for him. When she falls in love with someone else, Burke is devastated but seems to want her real happiness. How can she convince him to search elsewhere for his own one true love?

10) Catherine Skye Piper (The Night Flight [WIP]) - Catherine works in the offices of a municipal airport in a small seaside California town. When an old friend of the airport manager arrives, seeking to board his plane for an undetermined amount of time, she finds herself attracted to the dashing, older man. Their illicit affair stays under wraps for a while, but the longer they're together, the less she seems to know about him. What, exactly, is he hiding from her?

11) Daniel Curtiss (The Night Flight [WIP]) - Daniel "DJ" Curtiss is irresistibly drawn to the young receptionist in the small airport, and quickly seduces her as a matter of course. Over time, however, he finds himself falling hard for her, and soon he must make a choice: should he convince her to leave the only home she's ever known and take on his traveling lifestyle, or should he leave her behind in the protection of her makeshift family? Worse still, he senses they share a tenuous connection they never imagined possible.

12) Eros (Il Bagnino - The Lifeguard [WIP]) - Eros works as a lifeguard for a resort on a Rimini beach. It's the perfect life - sun and fun, with his beautiful girlfriend Ariana by his side. He'd like to save money and buy her a nice ring to cement their engagement, but lacks the funds. One night, outside one of the trendiest clubs in Rimini, an older man makes him an offer for his sexual services. Eros refuses, but the idea keeps returning to him over and over again - if it's only for the money, is it really so bad? When he caves in and accepts the offer, he's pulled into an emotional maelstrom as he struggles to understand just what it is he really wants.

13) Willem (Il Bagnino - The Lifeguard [WIP]) - One sight of Eros was enough to convince Willem that the boy was perfection itself: young, handsome, fit - and open to persuasion. Trouble is, the boy doesn't quite realize it yet. The more they get to know each other, the stronger his desire for the young man grows, but the ambiguous way Eros returns his affections is dismaying. How can Willem convince Eros to be true to himself, and live the life he needs to live, instead of the one proscribed by his family and tradition? And if he convinces him, can Eros be persuaded to stay?

There ya go! Just a handful of the voices in my head, jotted down on the page.

And I don't know about you, but...

All of that creatin' and writin' and what not...?

Makes me all tuckered out.

I don't know about you, but...

I'm ready for a nap.



Jennifer Leeland said...

I'll nap with him.
Your characters sound fantastic. Love it.

Stephanie Adkins said...

Your characters sound amazing, and I agree with Jen ... I'll nap with him too. LOL Happy Thursday.

Elise Logan said...

I'm feeling a wee bit tired, myself. Yes, a nap sounds just right.

Your characters sound interesting and engaging. Hurry up and write more!

Heather said...

Yup, could definitely go for a nap about now, LOL.

Janice said...

Did some one say nap? *Yawn*

Happy TT.

Sasha Devlin said...

The voices in your head are so much more entertaining than mine. And I'm feeling awfully sleeeeeepy ;)

Bryn said...

This was really inspiring! (Um, I meant the post, but the picture's great too. :) )