Thursday, 4 February 2010

Thirteen Things I Love About Winter

I'm easing back into the Thursday Thirteen groove with a gentle post, this week:

Thirteen Things I Love About Winter

So let's jump right in, eh?

  1. Snuggles. Need I say more?
  2. Not sweating when I walk to and from work - no matter how much I'm bundled up!
  3. Hot milky tea and a slice of panettone (Italian Christmas cake/bread/numminess). Soooooo good...
  4. Wearing a hat and gloves and scarf and boots and a big ol' coat...
  5. Snow. The sight of it falling, the muffling of sound as it falls. Unless I have to drive in it, this gives me a distinct feeling of peace and contentment.
  6. Long nights. I like the darkness. I feel more energized and creative when the nights are longer.
  7. Hearty meals. I love a thick stew or pot of soup, or a particular pasta dish served at one of my favorite restaurants, here. I can only eat these things in the winter, though.
  8. A fire in the fireplace.
  9. The way the light falls at around four p.m.
  10. The blackness of trees in a snowy landscape.
  11. The tops of the mountains when they're covered with fresh snow.
  12. Spying animal tracks in the snow.
  13. Marrying my husband after a snowstorm. Okay, technically, I could only do this one time, but if I could, I'd do it again and again and again...

Now, I know I'm out of practice, but I promise, I didn't forget.

You know the drill, ladies... Scroll on down...

In spite of my love for winter, I didn't forget the eye candy - and he isn't bundled up!

At least he keeps his jeans clean, eh?

Ciao for now! :)


Jennifer Leeland said...

Mmmmm nice eye candy.
And your list is so sweet, Ms. Menozzi.

Paige Tyler said...

I'm not a fan of winter, but I love snuggling! LOL! Lovin' the hottie, too!


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Heather said...

I'm growing a bit weary of winter right now, but love your list!

A. Catherine Noon said...


Oh yeah, and nice list. But...


Does he come with the coat?

~faints of the happeez~


Darla M Sands said...

Unless it's a perfect stormy day that makes me pleasantly drowsy, I don't really care what the weather is. I think it's neat that long nights energize you. Nice list and great candy!