Thursday, 17 April 2008

Thirteen Crushes I Have Had

Yeah, I know - it's an oddball - but I wasn't able to prep anything in advance, and I wanted to take advantage of the power of the Internet. Bwahaahaaahaaa!

Anyway, these aren't in order, just how they came to mind as I wrote this...So, here goes:

Thirteen Celebrity Crushes I Have Had


Michael Palin of Monty Python's Flying Circus. I was eight and the show was in re-runs on PBS. I thought he was the cutest thing ever! (He turned out to be my first crush on a Northern England boy, too - and my first Sheffield lad, as well!) I still think he's adorable, even if he is old enough to be my dad. I don't care!

James Spader. I saw him on TV (the name of the program is lost to me, now) when I was about 12 or so - I was fixated on blond men for a long time after that. I don't see much of him now, save for reviewing those old '80s films, because I don't watch much TV. I hear that he's still a lot of fun to watch, though.


Carlo Imperato... Ahhh... You know him best (most likely) as "Danny Amatullo" from the TV version of "Fame". I had such a crush on him that I wrote my first ever fan letter. And got an autographed photo back. And then I lost the photo in all the moves during my early teens. Yeah, I'm still heartbroken. And he's still a cutie! :)

Dustin Hoffman. I loved him because of repeated viewings of "Little Big Man" when I was an impressionable girl. (About nine or ten years old.) To this day, I just find him compelling - I can't explain in greater depth than that.

C. Thomas Howell. OOOOhhhh, baby. When "The Outsiders" was made into a film, I was in Heaven, I tell ya! And that this cutie was selected to play Ponyboy was a real treat! I saw many of his later films, too, and thought he had great potential. I haven't seen his latest work, but I trust that he's gone on to good things? I sure hope so.


Kevin Costner. Just a pretty average-looking guy, really. I'd seen him in "American Flyers" (a sweet movie about bicycle racing) one year, and then found him in "The Untouchables." In those wonderful suits. And a hat. Ohhhh, Myyyyy, Gaaaaawd...! A short while later, "Bull Durham" followed. Let's just say that, for a period in the late '80s/early '90s, Costner found every button of mine and pushed it. I mean, bicycles, fedoras and long coats, baseball... What could I do? That's right. I lusted openly and often. So there.

Jarvis Cocker - lead singer of brit-pop band Pulp, and all around smart guy. He's got wit, a funky and unique sense of style, and those specs. Plus, he's from Sheffield, UK. (Love the accent!) He's the unlikeliest sex symbol there ever was, but he does something to me that I can't explain. And he's got a great voice, too. Listen to "Pink Glove", "Acrylic Afternoons" or any track from "Different Class" and tell me he isn't a compelling artist. I dare ya!

David Gilmour - my longest crush, ever. I discovered him when I was 16 and was mad for him until I was 31. I had a website dedicated to him. I flew from Florida to London to see him perform. I stood outside in the frosty London January cold to get his autograph (and I did get it!). I sat front row for two out of three shows and I'm a small blur in the video of those shows. Did I say "Crush"? Maybe I meant obsession...

Anthony Edwards. From "Fast Times At Ridgemont High" (he was one of the stoners), to "Gotcha", to "Top Gun" - all the way up to "ER", as a matter of fact - he was a favorite. I WUV him!

David Duchovny. I was an "X-Files" fanatic from midway through the first season onward - and he's the main reason why. I also adore his comic turns, and I think he's just dreamy in Romantic Comedy roles (I don't care what anyone says - I loved "Return to Me"!). Unconventionally handsome, with a wicked sense of humor. What more could I ask?

Don't call him "Tracy"! Eddie Izzard - smoking hot - and positively mesmerizing to watch on FX's "The Riches". Naturally, I'm SOL as far as seeing him live on his tour of the US - but maybe lightning will strike in my favor? Here's hoping!

John Krasinski and Martin Freeman, who play Jim and Tim on the US and the UK version of "The Office", respectively. I'm not sure if it was the character who attracted me first, or the actors playing the role, but they're both adorable, and make you really pull for them to win out. Of course, we know how Tim's story turned out - but I don't get to watch the US version here, so I don't know yet about Jim! Don't tell me! I want to see for myself!


Samuele Bersani. What more can I say? He's my current crush, one of my MySpace friends, and I've adored him since I first laid, erm, ears on him. I loved his voice before I could understand the words, and he's looking to be one of my long-term crushes, after all. I urge anyone who is willing to listen to Italian music to listen to him - you won't be disappointed.

And naturally, there's an extra treat for y'all... Scroll down...

Nick Beyeler - Gymnastic Aerobics World Champion and Aerialist.
I can't tell you what it means. But, honestly - do you really care?

Ciao for now!

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Gina Ardito said...

I STILL love Eddie Izzard. He's the ideal man: sexy, yet the perfect dress shopping companion, too. And, oh, Lord, a gymnastics champion? The mind boggles... :-)

Adelle said...

I'm diggin' Kevin Cosner. Fun list! Happy T13!

Debora said...

Kevin and David - two on my list!

Alice Audrey said...

Palin, Costner, I'm with you!

Wow on the eye candy.

R.G. ALEXANDER said...

Eddie Izzard rocks!
I see a funny man trend that I'm liking.
Great list.

Kaige said...

Umm... Kim? I'm sure you must have written a list of 13 things this week... but ummm... dayum... pardon me while I go wipe the drool off my chin. =)

Robin L. Rotham said...

Okay, I've never even seen most of these guys before. I must be a lot older than you, LOL! I love that last pic, though. :D

Paige Tyler said...

I so love David Duchovny, too! LOL!


My TT is at

Tempest Knight said...

Man... I remember when Anthony Edwards had that gorgeous blond mane. Hehehe! Years sure has gone by!

Dana Belfry said...

I love Pulp! A Different Class was a great CD.

That is (and I'm sorry to say this) a HORRIBLE picture of David Duchovny. LOL

But you made up for it with the last picture. HELLO hottie!

Jennifer McKenzie said...

See, all the other guys went out of my head with that last picture.
I'll never be able to leave a coherent message on your TTs.
Only *drooooool*

Shelley Munro said...

Well I like the extra treat...the others pale in comparison ;)

Chloe Devlin said...

Great list. And great idea for a TT. I'm putting it in my ideas file.

I'm a huge Costner fan -- from way back when. Loved American Flyer, even saw Fandango. Did you know that he was the dead body in The Big Chill? And as you know from my TT, I love Bull Durham.


Heather said...

Hehe...great list and visuals as usual! *grin*

Nicholas said...

Great list but I'm afraid I don't share any of your crushes!