Thursday, 18 February 2010

Thirteen Things Which Keep Distracting Me

Hello, all! Welcome to this week's Thursday Thirteen post. As you can guess by the title, I'm a little distracted, lately. I need to refocus on writing, but sometimes, there's just so much to play around with to keep me from getting down to the nitty-gritty, you know?

So, this week, I'm sharing at least

Thirteen Things Which Keep Distracting Me!

1) Facebook.
While I love my social networking as much as the next person, should seeing my friends' updates really be such an obsession for me? Seriously.

2) Youtube.
Foul, evil scourge that it is, I go there for some innocent research, and end up lost for huge chunks of time. Very, very distracting.

3) Romance Divas.
Sheesh! Just poking around the forum is bad enough, but then I start compulsively hitting my "refresh" button to see what's new. Too, too DISTRACTING!

4) Google Image Search.
It's ridiculous. One little search for honest-to-goodness research purposes, and I'm lost for ages. Too many images, too little time.

5) Shutterstock, Big Stock Photo, et al.
What happens on Google happens here, too. I go searching for a potential cover photo for my work, and end up thinking of a million different search strings and keep digging, and digging, and digging...

6) Naked Men, Happy Women blog.
(Definitely Not Safe For Work!) It is what it says it is. A frank discussion of what makes women happy. With pictures.

7) Cycling Race Results.
I mean, weren't YOU tuning in to the live coverage of the Tour of Qatar? I was! Aren't YOU digging up the results from the first-ever Tour of Oman? I am! Whither thou goest, Fabian, I go!

8) Work.

One of the more unpleasant aspects of having a job is that whole working bit. Don't they know I need to be focused on the voices in my head to get things done?

9) My kitteh.
I love my kitty, Sophie. Really, I do. But there are days where she literally drives me to distraction. I can't let her in the office where I'm writing, because she goes nuts and destroys things to get my attention. So, I have to go out and play with her and give her skritches, or hold her tail so she can eat. (Weird, I know. She's a neurotic pussycat to the extreme.) Needless to say, no writing gets done when Sophie needs attention.

10) Email.
This is all on me, of course. Do I really need to check my email every fifteen minutes or so? No. So why do I do it? Am I hoping to get a surprise?

11) Listening to music.
While music helps me create, it can also distract. If I'm not listening to the playlist I made for the current WIP, the music can pull me right out of the "zone" I need to be in to get things down on the page.

12) Webcomics.
I only follow a few of these (Questionable Content and Girls with Slingshots, plus a few others) but waiting for the newest one to be posted can keep me clicking back on their sites again and again. Sad, eh?

13) Revisiting other WIPs.
(or is that WsIP?) This is something I've been able to mostly resist, but there are times I find myself rooting through older works (and a soon-to-be-published one) for no real reason. Except it seems to kill time. Which I don't need to be doing!

Yeah, I know. I need to focus and stop blaming my lack of output on other things.

But some things are just so...

I don't know...

Ciao for now! :)


Paige Tyler said...

LOL! Great TT! Great pics! Now I'm off to the Naken Men Blog!


My TT is at

Inez Kelley said...

FB is annoying but I twitter some. I agree on most others though. Love the pic!

Ella Drake said...

I seriously and quite honestly forgot what the list was about when I got to that last pic.

What were we talking about again?

Janice said...

Great TT, and I keep getting distracted by forums and chats, lol.

Happy TT.


Heather said...

There's a good reason (well, several) I'm not on FB. Google Reader and email take up enough of my time, LOL. Sorry I missed this last week!